Geckos everywhere!

Each time we bring a banana-stack aboard a few blind passengers come with it. This way we ‘imported’ some geckos years ago who thrived in the smurfy environment. By now their great-grandchildren roam Pitufa. We don’t know how many we have, but we regularly see small ones in the garden under the sprayhood and adults everywhere inside and outside. Yesterday evening a seriously big and fat one was catching insects that had gathered in the light of the saloon lamp. It’s fun and interesting to have some wildlife aboard and we enjoy watching our little reptiles (they range from 2 to 15 cm) as they hunt, squabble over territory (get out of my basil pot!!!) and communicate with loud clicking sounds.

Leeloo used to catch and eat geckos, but by now she’s too old for such sporty activities and graciously ignores them…

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