Coral reefs suffer worldwide due to climate change and pollution–during our 6 years in the Pacific we’ve had to watch many reefs die…
Here in the Gambier we’ve also witnessed some damage, but there are still areas with 100 % healthy coral and especially this year we see young coral that prove that nature is still fighting and trying to recover.
The water temperature is cooler than usually in summer (26-27 degrees), which means that we wear two layers when snorkeling, but the coral thrives in cooler water!

We always make sure to anchor in sand and float our chain so we never touch and damage coral. Especially here, where many reefs are still beautiful it is painful to watch other cruisers anchor in deep water without any idea what their anchor and chain hits… Many put an ‘alibi-float’ to feel good about themselves, but anchoring blindly it’s pure luck if they don’t cause damage…

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