French Polynesia has been in a lock-down for three days now. The rules are very strict: people must stay in their homes except for very urgent errands, cruisers are not allowed to go ashore, all water activities are banned, etc.

We were able to get some diesel and petrol from the supply ship two days ago, now we are provisioned for several months and won’t be a liability for French Polynesia–no additional mouths to feed and as safe as possible in our self-isolation.

Unfortunately international flights were coming in for a long time, so there are several cases already in Tahiti and even on outer islands. The last flight arrived here in the Gambier two days ago–now we have to wait for 2 weeks and hope that the archipelago will stay covid-19-free…

Despite this serious situation we couldn’t help but smiling when we read on the Austrian news that there are help-hotlines for people who have to cope with working from home, home-schooling their kids, being self-sufficient with long-term provisioning–all things that remind us of the cruising life ;-)

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