Measures and restrictions are changing hourly now, nobody quite knows what’s going on between rumours and info. Yesterday we heard that the island nations further west had closed their ports for sailboats (Cook Islands, Tonga), this morning we got an email from a friend that French Polynesia automatically extends visas for those who need them and that sailboats need to stay in quarantine for 14 days after arrival (time at sea counted), this afternoon we heard that no foreign vessels are allowed anymore here.
I got a text message from the police man in Rapa Iti (Austral Islands) that he’s sorry, but that they won’t allow sailboats in their bay and friends in Raivavae sent the same info. A charter catamaran brought the virus to Fakarava (Tuamotus), so that explains why people now see sailboats with fear and anger…
We’ll see what tomorrow’s news will bring.


  1. John Bukowsky says:

    Thank you for the update on the South Pacific status. Being a couple in Seattle and quarantined in our home, we feel for the islanders who have much less supply. It’s nutty here though. Wishing you the best. Recently intro’d to your voyage by way of the cruising world story. Well done. Stay safe.

  2. Christian says:

    Thanks for your kind words, be careful and let’s hope for the best…

  3. rob macfarlane says:

    Hi Birgit -

    I have postponed my cruise into the South Pacific until next year, and have been watching the travel restriction changes as they increase – that is why I have postponed by trip.
    I do not know what your internet access is, but if there’s anything I can do to help as regards information, let me know.
    And yes, French Polynesia High Commissioner has closed its borders to people that do not live there, and has stated they want to repatriate tourists.
    Cook Islands have closed their border, as has Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, and the Marshall Islands.
    France has stated that no visa application will be processed – this suggests that a 90 day tourist visa will not be issued to any arriving boat.
    The current information from Kevin (Nuku Hiva Yacht Services) is that boats arriving now will be helped with provisions, fuel, repair, with the expectation the boat will travel to Tahiti where the boat will be stored and the crew flies home.
    How are your plan shaping up? Are you intending to remain in French Polynesia for the season, or are you thinking of heading elsewhere?
    I enjoyed visiting with you in Arue in 2017, I am in California now with my boat, hoping to cruise the Southern Calfiornia islands for the summer – and then see where the world is at come fall.
    - rob

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