Creative cooking with local ingredients

We are at anchor at a motu on the outer reef at the moment, where locals regularly swing by to forage, but the birds, fishies, shells, snails and crabs have nothing to fear from us–we only hunt for pics.
Our daily menus consist of the local veg and fruit that are readily available: papaya, bananas and (still) breadfruit). We creatively cook around the world with these ingredients. Dinner preparations usually start with the question ‘Which country shall it be tonight?’ and then we improvise.

Sometimes we buy a bag of ‘korori’ at a pearl farm and feast on luxury food for little money. Korori is the Japanese term for the mussel of the pearl oyster–those oysters that have not produced a pretty pearl are cracked open anyway, so we might as well top our curries, stews, salads, pasta and wok dishes with them.

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