Propaganda and protests in Tahiti

It looks like we won’t have another weather opportunity for at least a week, so we decided to exchange our broken old wind instrument for a new one. Christian’s been up and down the mast 5 times in the past 2 days, getting the old wind instrument off, new one on, pulling cables, etc. Of course that means I’m on duty all the time as well, hauling him and bits and pieces up and down whenever he shouts–quite some work-out for both of us ;-)

While everything’s nice and relaxed on the outer islands, we hear from friends in Tahiti that the situation there is getting precarious. The former official anchorage off Marina Taina is supposed to be closed down soon, therefore lots of cruisers anchored off the airport and got stuck during the Covid confinement. The policy of sending all new arrivals straight to Tahiti to check in there has led to a whole fleet there. Now locals protest against anchored boats and the usual propaganda in the media accuse cruisers to pollute the lagoon without adding to the economy. Completely ridiculous when you consider how much we all spend for groceries, boat parts, etc.
Especially now that no flights get into French Polynesia people should realise that WE are their only tourists here. Instead of pampering us and urging us to spend money they want us to disappear into thin air…

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