Fuel consumption

We went to the petrol station this morning to top up our diesel tank and jerry cans–180 litres and we were full again. To us living on a sailboat means being close to nature and treading lightly, so we try to use less than 300 l a year.

The boat before us (German sailboat, young, hip couple) had taken a long time, so I asked the guy from the station what had kept them. I couldn’t believe my ears (and actually asked twice) when he said that they had filled up 3.000 litres(!). There’s all kinds of different cruising lifestyles… Rushing around on a tight schedule without time and patience to wait for wind, running the generator every day to keep gadgets happy (instead of installing enough solar panels) leads to a high fuel consumption, but it still seems incredible that a single sailboat could use (and store!) that much fuel ;-)

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