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Yesterday we sailed over from Apataki to Fakarava (a rough ride despite a very benign weather forecast) as we urgently have to do some internet chores. In July we were told by other cruisers how easy it was to have things sent from the US by containership: just get an account at DGX, have stuff sent to their store house and they send it on. Straightforward and quick. Great!
We had been wondering how to get a dinghy from Costa Rica a wind generator from the UK to Tahiti anyway, so we got in touch with DGX and ordered a few more things to join the package. Foam for a sofa cushion, fabric for the saloon, cat food for Leeloo–all arrived quickly in L.A.. Only the two important bits (dinghy and wind generator) took their time. By mid-August we got worried and enquired: the sales guy at Apex finally admitted that our dinghy hadn’t even been produced yet(!) and tracking the TNT shipment with our precious generator showed that it was still ‘in transit’ after a month. They had lost it…
Now 2 months have passed since we started the project, the dinghy finally made it, but the generator’s still missing… Different time zones, no internet–we’re close to going bananas with all the delays.

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  1. Phillip Perfitt says:

    That’s life in the tropics! Hope your wind green gets there soon.

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