Riding Squalls to Tahanea

In Tahiti the Covid situation is similarly serious as in Europe–the people put lots of effort into precautions in the beginning, but international flights brought in too many cases (interestingly enough mainly politicians and administrative staff, not tourists as expected). There’s a curfew now in Tahiti and Moorea, but inter-island traffic goes on and so more and more cases are reported from remote islands… Very worrying.

We left (slightly touristy) Fakarava yesterday and the 50 nm to Tahanea turned out to be longer (we had to tack 6 times) and rougher than expected. We were riding one squall after the other and reached Tahanea at midnight. Steering through the pass in a moonless night with 3 knots of ingoing current was a bit exciting…

It was worth it though: snorkeling the pass yesterday we met 3 big manta rays :-)

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  1. Phillip Perfitt says:

    Tahanea seems like a good place to hang out for some weeks to avoid contact.
    I’m sure I would NOT go through that pass at night though; you have transited so many times, I deem you “local knowledge”!

    Stay safe!

    Phil & Debi

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