Spare sails

At the moment we’re having incredibly stable summer weather here in the Australs, hardly a breeze and rather humid. We’ve used the calm conditions to take down the high-cut yankee foresail in order to replace it with the bigger genoa that we’ll be using next. The genoa needs some maintenance first, so the sewing machine projects go on.

Friends just recently mentioned that according to our blog entries it looks like we have really crappy sails, because we’re constantly repairing them. Fact is, the set (main sail and genoa) we bought from Dustom Sails (Croatian company, dustom.com) 11 years ago are still in a very good shape (if you’re cruising in the Med, a great place to buy sails!!). We’re ‘using up’ older sails in the meantime (the set that came with the boat) as it seems pointless to carry around 9(!) sails and that’s why we’re doing all those little repairs.

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