A new book about our ship’s cat

Going through pictures of Leeloo and all those happy memories I thought that Leeloo’s many fans around the world would probably like to see more about the unusual 21 years our beloved kitty accompanied us on our travels. “On velvet paws towards the horizon” will soon be available on Amazon–I’m working on it!


  1. Karen Birkett says:

    I just popped in to see how you guys have been and where you find yourselves now. So glad to see you are safe and well. I was shattered about the news of Leeloo. I felt so bad for you and the pain I knew you were in. Its hard to recover after losing such an intimate, integral part of your life She was very unique and special , its a fact. I will be anxiously looking out for the book. Hopefully it will be in English as well.

    Kudos for all your dedication to educating people on ways to better treat our planet.

    Take care you two. Happy trails!

    Karen Birkett
    Sarasota Fl USA

  2. ZwerfCat says:

    Unfortunately we never met Leeloo but I totally understand your pain because of the loss! But it’s great that she became that old and that she had your love. Precious memories and well worth a book, I’m sure!

    I love the title :-)

    Cheers from us!

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