Just the right amount of tourism

Most people will agree that mass tourism is bad for the environment (except CEOs of big hotel companies maybe), because of all the pollution that comes with it. A certain amount of eco-aware tourism on the other hand really helps protecting nature. As soon as wild animals become a tourist attraction and the locals get some dollars out of that, they will refrain from killing and eating (or worse exporting) them. Fakarava is one of those places that has a nice balance: just a few dive operators and pensions and even though locals are still spear fishing in most parts of the lagoon you still notice that the dive sites for tourists are no longer touched. We’ve just come back from a snorkel with a mindboggling diversity and abundance of fish. Like an aquarium! And as they are not hunted they pose for cameras unafraid :-) If only more of the Tuamotus had dive bases and small-scale tourism…

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