Cooking ahead of Decay

We don’t want to fish and forage in the Tuamotus, so we buy lots and lots of provisioning before heading out. Making dinner plans we don’t ask “What do we fancy?”, but rather “What has to go next?” That doesn’t mean that we’re not cooking gourmet meals though. A few days ago one of the zucchini was getting squishy (resulting in zucchini risotto), then an aubergine showed signs of weakness (so we had a delicious moussaka), some of the potatoes from Tahiti started sprouting roots and the bok choy from Fakarava needed to go (spicy potatoes and bok choy vindaloo curry with flat bread) the stupid cabbage we bought off the ship in Fakarava started rotting from the stem (cabbage, apple and blue cheese pie yesterday) and the stack of bananas we bought in Fakarava also needs constant attention resulting in banana smoothies (with home-made kefir yoghurt), banana pudding with amaretto, banana crepes and sauteed bananas with crispy almond-flour crumbs. We often get pitying comments when people hear that we stay a long time in remote places, especially as we don’t have a freezer and I don’t cook meat on the boat (all the worrying looks poor Christian gets). I think we’re coping quite okay ;-) )

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