Flat seas in the shade of Katiu

We have left Katiu at noon with the onset of a light breeze after a calm phase (which we used to explore the remote motus on the S side–some birds, but as many as we had hoped for). Now we are sailing down the SW side of the atoll, close enough to the reef to the see the red rocks in the water and to take a good look at the motus from the outside. With the wind from E it’s flat calm here and Pitufa is gliding along like on rails :-)
I’m using the calm seas in the shade of the island to cut veg for dinner (pumpkin risotto). If it wasn’t for the heeling angle you could think we’re at anchor ;-)
500 nm to go to Raivavae (as the red-footed booby flies, we try to make some easting first, to be prepared for SE winds later on)!

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