Update: Checking out of French Polynesia

We just did our check-out from Tahiti and had some hiccups along the way. It seems the different offices that deal with pleasure crafts don’t talk to each other ;-)
Even though it the Capitainerie sent us an info sheet claiming that we had to send the check-out application to traffic maritime AND we got an email from them replying that we were free to pick up our clearance papers from immigration at the airport, immigration did NOT have our clearance ready.
They told us that clearance had to be obtained via DPAM instead, so we had to start the whole process all over again. DPAM were very helpful and granted the exit permission within 2 hours–instead of the usual 72…

So here’s what we learned: Clearing out from Tahiti you have to:
- write to DPAM and fill out the application for clearance permission 72 hours ahead of departure
accueil.dpam@administration.gov.pf, escales.dpam@administration.gov.pf, affmar@affaires-maritimes.pf, remi.quilliot@affaires-maritimes.pf
- go to immigration (Police aux frontieres) at the airport and customs in Fare Ute at the day of departure


So please UPDATE the info below that we gave you a few days ago. It’s no longer traffic maritime you have to write to, but DPAM…

Outdated info 31.3. 2022: There’s been some confusion among cruisers about clearance formalities. As we are about to clear out we have first-hand info to share with you:
Clearing out of French Poly can be done from any port of entry again (no more restrictions like during Covid).
- If you clear out from any other port than Tahiti you just have to write an email to the harbour master trafficmaritime@portppt.pf 72 hours before to ask for the “permis de sortie”. At the day of your departure you go to the local gendarmerie office for the rest of the paperwork and to get your exit clearance.
- If you clear out straight from Tahiti things are more complicated. Again you have to write an email to the harbour master trafficmaritime@portppt.pf 72 hours before to ask for the “permis de sortie”, phone no. (+689) 40 47 48 82. But at the day of your departure you have to personally visit the immigration office at the airport +689 40 80 06 05 and the customs office +689 40 50 55 87 on Motu Uta (island off Fare Ute, same where you get tax-free diesel form). It does not matter whether you go to immigration or customs first.

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