We’ve had our dinghy for one and a half years and it’s been leaking from day one, that’s why it’s called “Wobbly”. It arrived with a transport damage: a hole was punched through the hypalon on the bottom, so the first thing we had to do was glue the damn thing in a very tricky spot. It continued leaking just a little bit (enough to pump it up every two weeks or so), but recently considerably faster.
Yesterday we started another attempt at a repair–this time with three layers of patches to seal off the bent area and to add a chafe-protection on top. We couldn’t help laughing when we read the instructions on the glue: only do the repair out of direct sunlight (yeah sure, on deck) and away from water (no problem on a boat), ideally with less than 60 % humidity (hello, we’re in the tropics??) and let the glue cure for 6 days (and be stuck on the boat in the meantime???)
Well, we did our best and we’ll see how long Wobbly stays plump and tight this time…

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