The Fijians drink the ground up root of Kava like we drink beer, just as a social thing in the evening. Kava used to be highly ritualised and mainly for men, but nowadays it’s served casually among friends or family.
We were anchored in Vaga Bay on the West side of Beqa Island, when our shore neighbour Albert (Pati) stopped by and invited us for lunch and Kava. It was a long weekend so the grown-up daughters and grand children were visiting and we had a great time with the family. Pati and Sasa told us that they try to invite each yacht that stops in their bay (not so many) and that they would be thrilled to have more boats on Beqa. So if you’re in the vicinity, anchor on the north side of Vaga Bay and visit Pati and Sasa (their house is hidden underneath the trees, but you’ll see their boat ashore)!

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