Project weeks

Remember when I wrote that we’d be out and playing with the fishies? Well, the weather didn’t agree with that plan. Ever since we’ve arrived in Matuku it has been windy, cool and rainy in between. So we’ve done a work-program instead of the fun-program we had hoped for.
Now there’s a new track for the pole on the mast, a new tap in the galley, the cockpit table got enforced hinges and today we tackled a project we’ve been postponing for many years, because we didn’t know how to approach it. The shower tap on the bathroom wall had been dripping for ages, but it’s completely impossible to reach the backside of that installation through the engine room. We contemplated all options, even cutting out a large portion of the wall in the bathroom to reach the spot. In the end we thought out of the box and installed the new tap on the opposite wall next to the bathroom sink, where it’s easy to reach.
The new solution looks better than the old one and is much more practical!
By the time we had removed now unnecessary pieces of plumbing from the engine room, cleaned up the mess in the bilge and the chaos in the boat it was 4 o’clock, but at least the sun had come out as a reward, the wind had dropped, so we could take a swim and wash off the bilge grime :-)

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