Isolation and Lockdown

No worries, this is not a blog about Covid19. We haven’t seen another cruising boat in almost 2 months, so we’re as isolated as it gets and the daily lockdown is all about the vicious mosquitos here. Now that the weather is hot and calm they swarm out all over the lagoon–no place is safe.
The first evening we simply retreated to the aft cabin after sunset, thinking we’d be safe behind mosquito screens and shut doors. We killed about 10 in the evening and settled down for the night, but somehow the bloodsuckers made it in anyway–we had to turn on the lights twice to smash another dozen and when I went to the loo afterwards another dozen followed me back in… The next day we thought we were extra clever and closed the bathroom doors as well–using the light, little room as a decontamination chamber we slipped in there first (laptop for the evening entertainment, bottle of water and bar of chocolate in hand), smashed all those that wanted to come along and proceded to the aft cabin. By 2 in the morning the room was buzzing again–incredible.

We kept improving the method and expanded the counter measures to a three-phase lockdown. We close off the aft cabin and the bathroom at 5, but we can still sit in the cockpit and have dinner. At sunset we go (flee) inside, close the companionway and all hatches in the saloon, proceed through the decontamination chamber into the aft cabin and tape off the doors (they leave a tiny gap at the bottom). With the new system we can finally enjoy restful, undisturbed nights again ;-)

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