Most outer reefs here in the Lau Group don’t give much protection and the anchorages are accordingly rolly, so we counted ourselves lucky yesterday to find a calm bay on Namuka. We were a bit disappointed about the lack of wildlife (no birds ashore, nothing to be seen in the water). At sunset the local wildlife got up: a cloud of mosquitoes descended on the boat–the worst invasion since the rivers of Suriname. We ran for shelter, put screens up, but many of the little suckers were already inside, so we spent an interrupted night with a few in-between raids.
At 6 in the morning we lifted the anchor and headed out to sea, bashing into the waves again for five hours to tack to the neighbouring Yagasa group. Here we found a scenic anchorage, not quite as protected and we’ll find out at dusk what the mosquito situation is like here ;-)

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