Project weekend

After a week in bustling Suva we headed out for an anchorage just round the corner, out on the reef in clear water, to get away from it all and relax a bit. Or so we thought. We only had two tasks on the to-do list: changing the gear oil on the outboard and sewing a new hatch cover to replace a torn one.
But then the fridge suddenly acted strangely–orange alert!! Fortunately it turned out to be only a cable issue, but that still meant half a day of pulling cables through the bilge–tons of fun in steaming 33°C. Today we tackled the outboard issue (after putting up a shade over the aft deck) and of course things turned more complicated than expected and we ended up working from early morning until 3 in the afternoon in the sizzling sun while apocalyptic clouds were building up over the shore. We finished just in time before the downpour!
The hatch cover has to wait for another day…

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