Work routine

We love exploring, but sometimes it’s good to just settle down in a comfy place and go into work-mode. We were in Vanua Balavu for three weeks and fell into our usual work routine–easy without distractions as there are no other cruisers here and the next village is miles away. Christian was working on an experimental set-up to make the Pitufino work with the old Seatalk system, so he was blocking the whole salon table with his electronics board, lots of boxes with tiny parts, a soldering station and a magnifying glass (that looks a bit like Pixar’s animated lamp “luxo jr.”), so I alternated between the sofa and the aft cabin with my laptop while writing articles and new chapters for the sequel of “Sailing Towards the Horizon”.
Today we have set out again to sail to Suva for some shopping and to renew our visa!

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