The best anchorage on the eastern side of Taveuni is certainly Vurevure Bay. It would be no good in winds from the E or SE, but now in NW conditions it’s calm and additionally we are protected from the southerly swell that is usually running and the chop that gets bent around the island. Dinghy landing is possible at the creek at the end of the bay even at low tide (even though it involves some dragging over sand banks then, no prob at high water) and the pretty village of Vurevure lies just behind the beach (even though it’s hidden by trees).
We were out of kava, so we went to the village and apologised that we’d first have to get some in town–only to be told that they grow it here and we could very conveniently buy it for a good price (part of our bundle remained of course with the chief as our present ;-)
We didn’t get an official host family like in the Lau group, but Kali, the headman has become our host anyway, we got fruit and veg and were invited for a delicious fruit cake and got some delicacies prepared in the lovo (thanks!). Sana, the chief’s son, is eager to bring some tourists to the village and would love to organise tours and other activities here (lunch, cake, fruit, etc.). Everybody visits the waterfalls in Lavena and Bouma, but today Sana took us to a little gem just an hour’s walk behind the village: the Savu-ra fall tumbles down just as prettily as its more famous colleagues and the pond is easier to access, colder and clearer than the one at Bouma! Call Sana +679 2551331 (vodafone and whatsapp) for details!

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