Medical miracle me…

Yesterday I had a CT-Scan done and when I took the CD back to the Pacific Specialist Healthcare centre, experienced Dr. Delasau couldn’t believe the images. “Looking at the scans I would schedule you for immediate surgery, but looking at you walking and talking like you do, I just say, keep doing what you’ve been doing!”
Turns out I have 5 broken ribs (broken in a line down the back where the boat’s side must have hit me when it crashed down on me with the breaking wave) and a “substantial” pneumothorax. Listening to my description of the events, the surgeon concluded that the right side of my lung must have collapsed during/after the ordeal when I could only gasp in shallow breaths and had no air to talk or scream. Somehow my body has healed itself during the last week to a degree that still looks scary on the scan, but enables me already to move around and have my first session of physio-therapy at the hospital!
Dr. Jack, the cardiologist I had visited earlier this month for a check-up, also wanted to see the scan and called me a “very tough lady” and my recovery “a miracle”.
Christian’s injuries are not quite so severe, but his shoulders still hurt badly, he can hardly lift his arms. Having to care for me doesn’t help him resting and recovering… Thanks smurfy-darling!

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  1. Ingo says:

    Glad to see both of you smile – despite the pain you’re obviously experiencing. All the best for a speedy recovery :)

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