Our Rapa Iti mooring project in Cruising World!

We installed 2 moorings for sailboats in the beautiful, but difficult anchorage in the bay of Rapa Iti (French Polynesia) together with the local community to protect the delicate staghorn coral. There are two strong, safe moorings for sailboats there now, so crews no longer have to risk their anchor and chain in the deep bay with plenty of coral heads.
The article can be read online for free!
If you make it there, please use the moorings and make sure to dive on them, check them and leave a donation for the community!


  1. Rich Corbett says:

    Enjoyed the CW article and work to protect the reef. Also found the article interesting as to how the mooring blocks were set and located. Let’s hope they are maintained and remain secure. Thx.

    1. Christian says:

      they are shallow enough for freedivers to check them (in only 7 m), so the community could do that, but in reality every cruiser who uses them should also dive down, check and replace parts if necessary (after double-checking with the townhall/mairie) or let the mayor know that parts need to be ordered. They are made with extra strong material to last a long time!

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