Battery monitor

Our friends arrived loaded with spare parts for Pitufa–one of them was a replacement for the battery monitor that got fried when we were hit by lightening in Suva. Yesterday Christian finally got round to installing it and the little job turned into a full day project as the shunt wouldn’t fit into the battery compartment and Christian had to remake the whole mounting. One of those annoying and typical boat jobs where there’s hardly enough space to reach the work piece, let alone using tools… I was assisting handing stuff and occasionally I ran to the medical cabinet for iodine (even small cuts need to be disinfected in the tropics), Flammazine (great cream for burns, e.g. from dripping solder) and Traumeel (miracle cream against bruises). Now the little box is installed and working and we can see the energy production and consumption again–so important on a green boat with only alternative energy sources!

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