On the hard in Vuda marina

We hauled out last Thursday in Vuda to do some jobs on Pitufa: antifouling, little paint jobs, changing thru-hulls and some plumbing, etc.
Much to our surprise little Pitufa didn’t fit into the 63 t travelift: her high stern and radar arch exceeded the limits and Christian had to climb up to quickly to remove some bits before we could be put on the hard stand. Times on the hard are hard times with work from dawn to dusk, but I’m trying not to overdo it–and still do despite all good resolutions ;-)


  1. Katie Gordon says:

    Sending love and healing energy for your ribs and more energy for all of the boat projects. We are in NZ and hope to come your way in June.


    1. Christian says:

      Thanks Katie! It will be nice to catch up with you guys :-)

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