No fish no reef, no reef no fish!

Scientific models predict an El Niño period for the next (southern) summer, meaning that we can expect rising ocean surface temperatures. The consequences here in the Pacific will be most likely more severe cyclones and bleached coral reefs (and many other types of catastrophes around the world).
Coral can only recover from storm damages and bleaching when lots of herbivore fish keep the weak reef clean by eating algae that would otherwise suffocate the remaining coral. Without those cleaners the reefs will be overgrown and have no chance to grow back.

So what can we do?
- Parrot fish are the most efficient cleaners of the reef, so if you are spearfishing (which you shouldn’t as most reefs are overfished already) please don’t kill any parrot fish!
- Don’t buy parrot fish from locals and make sure it’s not in the dish you order at the restaurant.
- Explain to the local fishermen and women why these fishies are so important for their reefs. By fishing them out they are actively destroying their future income… Most locals don’t know about the importance of parrot fish!

Coral reefs provide shelter for an enormous biodiversity and supply the islanders with sustainable food (if they don’t export reef fish and make sure not to overfish key species). Make it clear to them: NO REEF, NO FISH!
Most people don’t know that the coral reef relies on herbivore fish to keep it clean and healthy. Explain: NO FISH, NO REEF!

Here are two links that summarise the impact of el Niño and the role parrotfish have in the eco-system pretty well and help you arguing in favour of our colourful cleaner friends.

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