Donations for the Marine Reserve in Matuku

Tony Philp of Vuda Marina and Coprashed Marina has gracefully offered to provide ground tackle and buoys to mark the borders of the Marine Reserve, thanks Tony!
We still would need some funding to support the efforts of the islanders to protect their reef. They will need to patrol the area (especially at night) to make sure no outsiders ruin their Tabu with illegal spearfishing, so we would like to donate fuel for that. It would also be good to print posters and brochures to inform the villagers, schoolkids as well as visitors about sustainable fishing in general, the permanent ban on fishing in the area and the reasons for it. Last but not least a Tabu committee will have to monitor the success of the project, count fish populations and publish the effects and advantages of the protection zone, so the villagers will keep backing it!

It may sound presumptuous to ask for money for our little project here in times of war and crises, but maybe you’d still like to help us out. You can either do this on the spot by anchoring your yacht in Matuku to enjoy the wonderful snorkeling on the pristine reef and put your donation straight into the “Marine reserve boxes” that will be with the headmen of the neighbouring villages Yaroi and Lomati. Or you could press the “donate button” below this entry and do a paypal transfer. We’ll publish all sums and the names of donors as comments here on the blog (unless you mention in the paypal transfer that you’d rather stay anonymous) :-)

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  1. Christian says:

    The first donations are coming in!
    thanks to Marijn and Sanne for 10,- Euro
    and Kerstin and Roland for 50,-!!
    Thanks a lot to Kate und Paul for 200,- Euro!
    And 80,- Euro from Nancy and Rob, vinaka vaka levu!
    50,- Euro from Graz, thanks Tina and Gerald!

    And the donations keep coming in!
    30,- Euro from Susan and Darrell–thanks!
    10,- from Veronika, danke!
    10,- from Mario :-)
    Another 10,- sent by Romana, danke!
    And 10,- from Petra!!
    Further 10 from Olivia, danke!
    And 20,- from Janine, danke!!
    50,- from Manu and Richard, danke sehr!
    And 50,- from Kathi and Gerry, vielen Dank!
    100,- from Martina, danke!!
    And 500,- from Lisa, thank you so much!!!

    We have reached our goal of 1000,- Euro – thanks a lot to all you wonderful people who have made this possible!
    Actually, we have collected even more than our initial goal, which means that we’ll be able to print more educational material to use in schools and info material to spread awareness on other islands as well.
    We’ll keep posting pics and updates so you can all keep track of how your donations are being used :-)

  2. Nancy and Rob says:

    So impressed with your efforts and success on developing the Matuka Marine Reserve! We hope to visit it in person on our next adventures to the Lau.
    Will be donating to you directly (today!) here at Musket Cove.

    All the Best for you both.

    Nancy and Rob
    SV Shindig

  3. Birgit says:

    Thanks a lot to Karen for transferring 20,- Euros!
    And Inge donated 10,-, danke!

  4. Birgit says:

    We have already surpassed our initial goal of 1000,- Euro – thanks a lot to all you wonderful people!!
    If we collect more than that, it just means that we’ll be able to support Matuku for a longer time and also that we can print more educational material to use in schools and info material to spread awareness on other islands as well!

  5. Birgit says:

    Katie and Mike have donated 100,- Euros, thanks!!

  6. Birgit says:

    Wayne donated 25,- thanks!!

  7. Birgit says:

    And 300,- from Sylvia and Tom, vinaka vaka levu!!

  8. Birgit says:

    Kellie and Mike donated 100,- – vinaka!!

  9. Christian says:

    And another donation: Thanks, Clyde, for 20,- euros!

  10. Christian says:

    Gisela has donated 100,- Euros, thanks!!

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