Bird Island!!

We have only found a handful of islands with seabird colonies in Fiji, so when we heard that little Yabu here in the island cluster just north of Kadavu is a bird sanctuary we were thrilled and wanted to check it out. Locals told us nobody’s allowed ashore (they only go there to pick up the natural fertilizer the birds produce, very clever!) and there’s a sign as well for visitors warning them not to introduce pests and not to disturb the birds.
The little island is very exposed, but with the light winds we managed to anchor off the southern side on a big, sandy spot and enjoyed the scenery: lots of Pisonia trees, some ironwood, some pandanus, great to see such a mixed, endemic vegetation and saw some frigate birds circling. But where were the boobies that are supposed to live here??
GONE FISHING! In the evening a few thousand red-footed boobies returned and we watched the spectacle of them arriving in little groups and formations, some high in the sky, others with their wings nearly brushing the sea, trying to avoid the circling frigate birds that are always ready to descend with a shrill cat-like sound to free an innocent boobie of the hard-earned fish he’s carrying. The branches ashore quickly filled up with birds, everyone trying to find a sleeping branch for the night, squabbling, roaring and squawking until they all had settled down for the night :-)

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