Healthcare in Fiji (Suva)

Before we sailed to Fiji we did some online searches and expected only basic facilities (expats basically warned about hospitals). After one and a half years here and plenty of visits to specialists and hospitals we think that the hospitals are quite well equipped, the doctors are mostly competent, friendly and moreover it doesn’t take a long waiting time to get (very affordable) appointments with specialists here in Suva.
Yes, the big public hospital (Colonial War Memorial hospital) is crowded and smelly and apparently has long waiting lists, but the same specialists who work there do after-hours at the modern, clean private hospitals. Oceania hospital has most equipment (CT Scanner, ophtamologist cabinet, etc.), Pacific Specialist Healthcare has different specialists (e.g. a dermatologist and they have just opened a new hospital in Nadi with modern equipment, but specialists only occasionally fly there from Suva) and there are a few more private facilities we have not dealt with.

The same goes for dentists: at public facilities (e.g. hospital in Savusavu) they only seem to pull teeth, but the dentist cabinets here in Suva have very modern equipment and well trained dentists!
So there’s really no need to fly out for treatments or delay due dental check-ups :-)

PS: I’m writing this blog entry while waiting for my turn for a second appointment with the dentist I saw last week, while Christian’s getting a filling, so wish me luck ;-)

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