Still alive

Exactly one year ago we had to swim for our lives in the ripping current of the southern pass of Matuku after our accident with a local boat. We somehow made it through the surf, somehow managed to hold on to the sunken boat for an hour while waiting for rescue. Poor Maikeli didn’t and today we think of him and his widow and daughter…
The last year was the toughest of my life and I’m still struggling with the injuries I suffered then, but we made it, we’re grateful to still be here. We’re still sailing towards the horizon.

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  1. Dejan says:

    Astonishingly, it has already been a year since your accident. I remember your original post; I commented then and I felt compelled to do it now.
    It must have been quite a taxing year for both of you (and this, I know, may sound weird, considering your lifestyle). I mean, sure, you’ll probably struggle with a physical segment of your injuries for quite some time, but the mental and emotional part, now that’s an entirely different beast.
    I cannot even fathom how you two must have felt in the past twelve months.
    I guess the whole experience and ensuing ruminations make you wonder how a single moment in time can create two antithetical paths in the lives of human beings. It’s yet another reminder of how brittle and fragile we all are. Then again, you’re doing so many great things for people and communities you meet, you’re super passionate about oceans, you’re a great love story, and your sailing articles are a treasure trove of knowledgeable tips.
    My point is—you’re not where you are by accident or chance. Something bigger is at play here; I don’t know what it is, none of us do, and that is the way it should be.
    Although those revolving doors of survival guilt and gratitude for staying alive will continue to roll over, again and again, probably for the rest of your lives—reminiscent of the waves Pituffa slices through the ways she meets on her way—it’s just the nature of the experience you have had: You have faced the other side and it wasn’t your time.
    So, yeah, cherish what you have, celebrate what you’ve built thus far, for you’re still alive and still have ways to go.
    Very best,

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