Last week we used a light northeasterly wind to sail 30 nm to the next island. Gau is Fiji’s 5th biggest island and it’s pretty with lush hills and a barrier reef and lagoon on the east side (just a fringing reef in the north and west).
We anchored in the big, protected bay of Waikama and went ashore to introduce ourselves and bring a sevusevu (bundle of kava). Philipe, the headman, told us about a newly installed marine protected zone (they’ve had others before) and a project to plant mangroves–a very positive first impression! We then went for a walk, got chatting along the way with Balelevuka who gave us eggplants and plantains he had just harvested and when we got back down to the village, Litia invited us for tea and freshly baked buns! Back on the boat Timoci came by with his sons and a few other boys to say hi and we ended up with more plantains and wild yams…
The warm generosity of its people make Fiji a truly exceptional place :-)

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