Zipper with velcro protection

Windy and rainy days are maintenance days on Pitufa. The zipper on our lazybag had broken due to UV exposure–even though we had sewn on a protective flap a while ago: the velcro pads to keep the flap down weren’t big enough, so it got blown open regularly in strong winds and that was enough UV exposure to make the plastic of the zipper brittle.
We took down the lazybag before the onset of the squally weather and spent two days on the project: the hardest part was getting off the old zipper and velcro (about 8 metres of tightly stitched tenara double seam), then 4 metres of zipper left, 4 metres right and the same for the velcro–we couldn’t have done it without Miss Pfaff, our sturdy sewing machine…
Now the lazybag’s back on, the mainsail’s up as well and we’re ready to go!

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