Good-bye Fiji!!

In June 2022 we arrived in Fiji, uncertain how long we’d stay, but soon we knew that we’d need plenty of time to explore this beautiful cruising area. We were enchanted by the crazy mushroom-like lime-stone formations of Fulaga and Vanua Balavu and enjoyed the high volcanic islands of the southern Lau group, Kadavu and Loma-i-viti Group. We spent more time in the water exploring reefs than anywhere else before (underwater was the best place to be during the hot summer months) and helped install a marine reserve on the island of Matuku.
We got incredibly lucky and didn’t experience any strong winds during our 2 cyclone seasons here–of course we had a plan for the worst case scenario and cyclone holes to run to, but never needed them.
What made our time in Fiji so special though, are the fabulous people we met: Vinaka vaka levu (thanks a lot) to our families in Matuku, Ono and Fulaga! We really enjoyed your hospitality and friendship. Let’s keep in touch, we’ll come back to Fiji at some point!!
Vinaka vaka levu for all the lunches and hikes to Tiko, Penina and the girls in Matuku!

Vinaka vaka levu to Cama, Tuni, Tui and everybody who helped with the Tabu marine reserve!

We had lots of fun with Waqa, Marica and Sai! Vinaka!!

All the best to Maika and Mata in Fulaga!

Vinaka vaka levu to all the other fabulous people who made us feel so welcome here!!

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