Bat alarm

Last night at 3 o’clock Leeloo woke us with her triumphant howling announcing a successfull hunt. I reluctantly got up to check what she had, when I lifted her up she let go of the black shape in her mouth, who fluttered excitedly into the aft cabin–a bat. I opened the hatch, but the poor guy desperately flew round and round without ever looking up (so much for the infallible echolocation system…). Christian finally managed to trap him under a cardboard box under which he then steered the bat to the hatch to show him the way out.

After all that nightly excitement we slept long (till 7.30) and woke up with sunrays lighting up the cabin. Hooray! We seized the chance and hiked up to the fort towering over the bay–quite an impressive view. We hurried back to get breakfast and managed reaching the boat before the next rainshower ;-)

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