Where’s the yellow thing–what was it called again??

It’s been raining constantly since Monday, the longest “dry spells” lasted about half an hour. As soon as the rain stops or eases up a bit dinghies start buzzing over the bay full speed in order to get to the village or back without getting soaked. We stayed under deck for three days, only venturing out to dry off the cockpit occasionally and to fill some buckets into the watertank. Leeloo’s also pissed off. As soon as she goes outside the rain welcomes her splashing horizontally into the cockpit and she returns loudly complaining to bed. Wednesday morning was the last time we saw the yellow thingy in the sky that’s supposed to shine all day and burn down hot in the tropics…


  1. Roswitha says:

    sounds great :-(
    I hope weather will change until my visit after chrismas …

    1. Birgit says:

      Hi Roswitha,
      the rainy season officially ends in December and the weather on the Pacific side is drier in general, so you shouldn’t worry too much about spending your holidays under deck wiping mould ;-)
      cu soon!

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