Busy days for los pitufos

At the moment the days are just not long enough for all the things we’re trying to do at the same time, so we completely forgot writing on our blogsite. We’re spending most mornings at the “office” (Captain Jack’s Bar where we have i-net) researching all kinds of electronic devices, because we’ll have to replace the GPS and radar that have been dodgy after lightning struck close by. We’re trying to organise all kinds of spare parts for the pacific, additionally I’m working on translations in order to earn some money–during the last three months we spent between 200 and 300 Euros per month (shopless Kuna Yala was kind to our budget ;-) ), but the next few months will be pricey again.

Last week we did a “shopping expedition” to the next big supermarket and were completely overwhelmed by the speed of the bus (sometimes going more than 50 km/h…), the masses of people and the range of goods in the Rey supermarket. On Friday we accompanied another yacht as linehandlers through the Panama canal to gain some experience for our own transit in December. The whole procedure is quite complicated and also seems not that well organised, the “advisor” from the canal authorities was 2 hours late, schedules were constantly changed and we ended up going full speed towards the Miraflores locks only to wait there for an hour. The locks themselves were a bit disappointing, we had expected huge chambers, but they’re not bigger than locks on European rivers.

Like always when we’re busy we neglected Pitufa a bit, which is not a good idea in the tropics during the rainy season. During the last week mould started growing everywhere so we declared war on it this morning and wiped all surfaces (panels, lockers inside and outside, ceiling, etc.) with alcohol. We’re really looking forward to the end of the rainy season (officially in December, but we’ll see ;-) ).

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