A chill is in the air

he last few days a wind has been blowing from the south bringing for the first time chilly air with it and a whiff of rough weather and icebergs far away down there. The sun is still burning hot, but autumn has reached the Gambier. We actually like the seasonal change that we experience here at the fringe of the tropics (compared to the neverchanging heat nearer the equator), especially in the knowledge that we’ll sod off this year before the really nasty cold weather sets in ;-) Until then we’ll enjoy autumn here

Yesterday we took our last things back from the house, harvested more bananas and lemons and invited our neighbours over for a ‘housecooling-party’. We cooked a typically Austrian meal so for the probably first time ever a Styrian Kaeferbohnen-Salat (salad of big red beans) with pumpkinseed oil and Semmelknoedel (bread dumplings) were served on Taravai. We were a bit worried whether our polynesian friends would like that kind of exotic food, but even the kids dug in ;-)

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