The world is standing still

…at least our little world on Pitufa :-) We sailed just 2 miles south to the next bay Hanetafau where we’ve found the first calm spot in weeks. It’s amazing how your energy comes soaring back when you sleep through the whole night and no longer constantly bump head and toes on the rocking boat.

We used this rush of energy to explore the island per pedes yesterday. We left the dinghy at the protected little harbour of the charming village Hapatoni, where people told us we’d take about 1 and half hours walking to Hanateio on the other side of the island from which we wanted to hitch a ride back. We started out at 7 o’clock in the morning, hiked up the steep gravel road to the top of the ridge only to find that there was yet another ridge further up to cross and another and then another ;-)

In the end it took us about 3 hours to get to Hanateio (which is just a few houses and some copra sheds). We had given up all hope on catching a ride by that time as no car had passed us on the way and the road didn’t look like cars could make it over the rocks and potholes in any case. Just when we wanted to turn back a pick-up truck with two postmen came up behind us. They were on their way to Hanatete (the village in the northeast at the end of the road) and assured us they’d take us back after they’d finished work there. With that assurance we dared exploring further along the mountainous road with its amazing views over the craggy peaks, pleated slopes and black cliffs that fall off into deep bays. We reached Hanatetena by noon, had a picnic, chatted with the locals and waited for the postmen to finish their work on the dodgy internet antenna of the village.

By 2 in the afternoon they were ready to head back and we hopped on the truck bed for a slow and very bumpy ride back to Hapatoni.

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