Ua Huka

We wanted to sail up to Ua Huka on Sunday, got the boat ready, were set to go–but then the engine didn’t start. Not even a cough, just a sad little clacking sound. Christian found the faulty connection on the starter the next morning, so we decided to sail with one day delay, even though the forecast predicted very light winds. In the end we had steady 15 knots blowing on the beam and a very pleasant, quiet nightsail up to Ua Huka–the only populated island of the Marquesas that we had not visited yet. Just when we were approaching the island at sunrise a big yellow fin tuna decided to bite heartily into our lure, dolphins accompanied us into the bay riding merrily on the waves which unfortunately make it right into the narrow bay of Vaipaee where they then get reflected by the rugged, volcanic cliffs that surround the bay. First we doubted whether we’d be able to stay, but after bringing out a stern anchor we’re still not overly comfy, but okay enough to stay for a day.

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