Break at Beveridge Reef

Early this morning we reached Beveridge Reef with the last dying breeze. Just in front of the pass two whales surfaced just next to the boat, spouted a few times and disappeared again with a last wave of the gigantic tail fin.

We have used this welcome break in the passage to wash some things that got salty underway, air out towels and clothes, go through our veggie storage, wipe the boat (Leeloo normally sheds part of the fur outside, on passage everything stays inside…), wash our own hair, etc. etc.
It looks like tomorrow the wind will set in from the south again, so we’ll head out on the next leg–we’ll see where the wind will take us (Palmerston or Aitutaki, Rarotonga lies to far south and Suwarow way up north would only come up as an emergency plan in strong southeasterlies).

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