Grib files

Looking for weather windows is an annoying pastime. Especially at times like now with a trough moving through (we have squally weather here now) the forecast models change every few hours. Today we have already requested 3 grib files via SSB radio, each time they look different and none of them is in accordance with what’s actually happening outside at the moment… We then start ‘sailing’ the cursor ahead on the map with the wind arrows, going through different options of when to head out. If you’re not familiar with grib files (we use the program zyGrib as a viewer) you can look at an online visualization of those grib files on windyty.com.

Anyway, we still don’t know whether it’s clever to sail out today as we’d get a good start followed by half a calm day, or whether we should stay until Sunday when (according to the current grib) we’d have a fast ride. But what if the gribs change in the meantime and we don’t make it to our next stop before the next wave of strong southeasterlies set in? Well, we’ll contemplate the next grib and let you know once we’re out again.

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