A new watermaker!

It’s been a sunny, hot week here in Taina (despite the fact that it’s still supposed to be winter), but we didn’t see much of the weather as we spent most of our time in the bilge. We removed the floorboards and the companionway ladder in the mornings and worked on the watermaker parts all day. The cat thought that was very strange behaviour and didn’t appreciate it at all…

We redid most of the plumbing, found space for both feed pumps in the bilge (we had to modularise the modular system a bit more by cutting the plates the pumps and filter were sitting on so that they would fit…) and finally installed the electrics. Installations on yachts are always great fun, as there’s never enough space to put things and you always get bloody knuckles trying to fit screws in unreachable places. Balancing around without floorboards added a new thrill to the whole experience ;-)
Now our new Spectra Cape Horn Extreme is running and producing more than 50 litres of water per hour (drinking quality) using only about 19 Amps! The downside of the Spectra is its price, but my Dad generously sponsored this gadget (birthday’s are a wonderful thing, we should have more than one a year ;-) ).

Our old ‘Pure water Sea Star 250′ watermaker used the same energy, only produced about 20 litres and never in great quality so we would not recommend that system to other cruisers.

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