From Tahiti to Moorea

I’ve just checked our emails and realised that we haven’t posted a blog in two weeks. The reason isn’t that there was nothing going on, but just on the contary there was indeed too much to do on Pitufa to keep up with the blog.

We had a rental car for 24 hours (afternoon to afternoon, very convenient for shopping), bought 2 car loads (4 full dinghy loads) of provisioning and actually managed to store all that stuff in Pitufa’s lockers. In between we worked on rubber mounts to calm down the noisy watermaker pumps, filled Pitufa up with diesel, had some doctor’s appointments and Christian got a new tattoo :-)

Marina Taina’s a swimming town where we caught up with some old acquaintances and made new ones resulting in an succession of invitations and reinvitations for drinks and dinners and of course dinghies stopping by at all times during the day (which is nice, but doesn’t accelerate progress on projects).

Yesterday we cleared up the boat and finally set out on the ocean again. It looked like rough weather on the forecast, so we all 3 took some seasickness meds in preparation after so many weeks inside the lagoon. Our first passage only took us about 15 nm over the channel to the neighbouring island Moorea, but hey, at least we made it out again! Instead of the expected southeasterly wind we had to motor most of the distance in the wind shade of Tahiti, but the waves and swell were high and confused, so it was good that we had braced ourselves with Stugeron drops. Once we got close to Moorea the wind set in with 20 to 30 knots and we sailed the last miles to Cooks Bay on the northern side of Moorea.

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