Hiker’s paradise Moorea

At the moment there’s a strong Maraamu (southeasterly wind) blowing that brings cool air to French Polynesia, but we’re nicely protected from the wind here in Cook’s Bay on the northern side of Moorea. Moorea is a spectacular little island with steep mountains, calderas and lush valleys and the breezy weather’s perfect to explore the numerous hiking tracks that crisscross the island. During our last visit all signs on the hiking trails were missing and we continously got lost. In the meantime the signs have been reinstalled, so some of the adventure thrill’s gone, but hiking’s definitely easier ;-)
In Tahiti we were so busy with boat projects that we neglected our fitness completely, the virus we battled for two weeks slowed us down even more. Now we’re slowly building up some fitness again, alternating between hiking days and project days on the boat.

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