Crappy weather

Ever since we’ve arrived in the Tuamotus a persistent convergence zone has been sitting across the area. Actually it’s not just one, but rather a cluster of them… This means the wind shifts around unpredictably–the weatherforecasts are overwhelmed, contradict each other and get it completely wrong. Yesterday the American GFS model predicted strong southerlies, while the European model insisted on light northerlies. What to do and where to go with such forecasts in an atoll in order to have a protected anchorage?? In the end both were wrong and we got southeasterly wind.

Today both models agree that we’re having a nice northerly breeze to sail down to Tahanea, unfortunately it’s blowing from the South. Somebody should tell them ;-)

Of course all this unsettled weather comes with grey skies and torrential rainfalls. Yuck.

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