Overly sporty sailing

We had a an unexpectedly sporty sailing day yesterday. The weather forecast predicted NE wind, so we thought it was a good opportunity to sail SE down to Tahanea. We woke up at 5 with a NE squall, so we quickly went out through the pass into a glowing sunrise, trying to use the favourable wind. Of course the wind turned E as soon as we were out and we ended up tacking twice, just to avoid hitting the neighbouring atoll Faaite, which kept hopping into our path… Then the wind died down and we were mostly riding squalls to make some more miles and some more tacks.

It took us 17 hours to sail 43nm (as the tropic bird flies) with all the extra miles and times of drifting in between squalls. Now we’re anchored next to the western pass of Tahanea with sunny skies :-)

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