All clear

All clear for those who were worrying about Leeloo’s health with us. She suddenly pulled herself together, started eating again and it looks like she’ll be with us for a bit longer :-) Such ups and downs have been happening before…

Today we had a beautiful sail up NE close-hauled inside the lagoon staying close to the outer reef. Christian hopped into the dinghy with the camera while I stalled the boat, buzzed ahead to the next bommie and I sailed by as closely as possible–should be some nice pics! Afterwards we went for a snorkel in the shallows with the sharkies and now we’ve brewed a new batch of beer. No stress to leave this beautiful place.

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  1. Diana says:

    Hi there,

    That’s good new about sweet Leeloo! Do you have a vet close by…? Just in case it gets bad again? Just wondering generally, when people sail around the world with their pets onboard…What if they get sick or worse…

    Cordially and good luck to you all,

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