Cat worries

Leeloo’s health has been declining over the last years. She can still see, hear, jump (but not high, so we have put handicapped access to berths etc.), has all her teeth and on good days she’s out and about and munching (expensive, imported) diet food, but she also has bad days when she has no appetite and just sleeps a lot. She’s always been a fussy eater (even as a kitten) and now she simply has no appetite, but gets sick whenever she has an empty stomach–resulting in us running after her with little morsels every few hours (also at night).

For the last two days she has refused to eat and we’re worried for our little companion of almost twenty years…

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  1. Diana says:

    Oh, sad to hear that Leeloo doesn’t feel good…. My fingers are crossed that she will get better again… Good Luck!

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